20 – 21 October 2011
Project preparation workshop
at TAT, Rheine/Germany
Mayors, representatives of the administration and the twin cities associations
are preparing the workplan for the project during a workshop at TAT.

Rheine and its four partner cities Bernburg, Borne, Leiria and Trakai are intensively cultivating exchange in different areas. In view of climate change and the EU CO2 reduction targets, the city network has agreed on the theme "Cities partners assume climate responsibility" for years to come. A preparatory survey for the work programme showed that measures for climate change mitigation and adaptation are partly thematically identical, but differ in implementation and citizen participation. Also, the fields of action are not all the same or differently prioritized.

After talks, visits and appropriate preparation in October 2011, TAT organized a working meeting together with the city partners in Rheine in order to establish the basis for future work and to settle the EU project proposal. The two-day workshop was attended by the mayors, politicians, experts from administration as well as members of the twin cities association.

With the guiding principle "Together for a better climate" the thematic network "Climate Partnership" was established in order to develop local solutions for climate change mitigation and adaptation through transnational exchange. An important role will be played by citizens who will be integrated into the network.